Wolf Warrior 10''

COD: HMO6910

R$ 24.975,00

# Descrição do produto

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior X PLUS is a great new addition to the Wolf family. It’s lighter and smaller than the Wolf Warrior 11, it folds easily and will fit in a large car boot. It also has impressive new lighting which can be controlled by an app on your phone with over 100 different light variants!

The Wolf Warrior X PLUS has 1100W motors with 10 x 3 all terrain tyres/ hybrid tyres.

This Wolf comes with full hydraulic brakes and the PLUS version has a 21Ah battery with a 70km (approx, tested in good conditions with a 70k rider) dependant on various factors like wind, terrain, hills, rider weight.

The Wolf Warrior X PLUS is the lower spec version on the Wolf Warrior X PRO+ and it doesn’t come with the customisable Minimotors EYE throttle, controller and Samsung battrey. The PRO + version also has a 60V 28AH battery so it’s more powerful.

# Especificações do produto

Autonomia70 Km
Velocidade Máxima70 KM/h
Peso Máximo120 Kg
Peso37 kg
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